Do people Still Use Emails?

Today, there are 4 billion email users worldwide, set to increase to 4.6 billion in 2025. Irrespective of people calling it dead.The world’s love for email has not stopped growing.

The feel of the keyboard as we type is one of the reasons why some of us love emails,the delight when we press a webform and our little email envelope pops up, inviting us to write a message.

Email was invented about 50-years ago, we still can’t get enough of it.
With the advent of social media, there has been some competition yet Email has not lost it’s place in the world of communication.

Email vs. social media
Over 70% of millennial consumers prefer to receive information from an email,It is 40 times more effective for lead acquisition and conversion than social media.
Email spend ROI (return on investment) is around $44 per dollar single dollar invested. Social media ROI is varied due to the difficulty in defining the audience.
Email is a better value for money. On social media even though you can reach many people, you risk spending a lot with very little return.

Chat windows(e.g Whatsapp)vs. Email
Chat is instant. It has cute pinging sounds and sends handy links. Yet, email can be used for personal reasons as well.You can invite someone to an event, send a newsletters or write your family’s Christmas letter.

While using sing chat boxes, instant messaging, or other social media platforms, alongside email for your business or brand, keep in mind most of your customers expect brands to provide consistent information across all platforms.

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