How To Fix Error That Reduces Seo Of Ecommerce Websites

SEO is an extremely powerful tool for bloggers and website owners. SEO offers a constant stream of inbound marketing activity and qualified leads, it tends to bring in much higher conversion rates, and it lives on for a very long time.

The core of SEO is a blend of questions and answers. People visit search engines (like Google and Bing) to find answers to their questions. That’s it.

The search engines’ job is to locate the best answer to a given question. When you properly perform SEO, you are creating a roadmap to help search engines locate your content and match it up to a given question.

The one thing you can do to help you succeed in SEO is to start to think about who you serve, what questions they ask, and how you can help answer those questions.

Ecommerce website owners employ the use of website to reach millions of people and ofcourse this lead to greater income if these viewers becomes customers. Now imagine the frustration is the website SEO is filled with technical issues. Fixing these issues helps guarantee return of customer and also increases one’s chances of getting new customers.

This blog post promises to take your through how to get this tackled. Common Search Engine Optimization (SEO) errors includes;

1. Slow Website Speed
This is rather frustrating! Especially for an E-commerce websites where time and money is precious. The faster a site is, the better the user experience, so slower websites are penalized which causes them to slide down the rankings.
Solving this is not a hard thing to do as Google presents a feature called Google Pages PageSpeed Insight. This tool tracks and measures the performance of your website for both desktop and mobile versions. Alerts are sent out for pages that are not correctly optimized. The best part is, PageSpeed Insights offers actionable descriptions on how to rectify the problem.
Also a good WordPress host should be able to supply your website with excellent uptime and speed.

2. Missing Alt tags and broken images
Image rendering features of your website increases your SEO Rank. If the alt tags that are the HTML attributes for your images refuses to render properly then there’s a problem. These alt tags describes the contents and functions of your ecommerce website. They also reinforce the required keywords by helping search engine crawlers understand what your website does. To take out this error just locate the image component in your HTML code and add the alt tag to it. As simple as this seems, it’ll be saving your business from loss and also increasing your SEO.

3. Broken links
Broken links reduces the quality of your website. When crawlers find too much of them, they move to the available website void of broken links. Employ Google Search Console to help you check out the crawl errors(error 404). Fix this immediately to increase your SEO.

4. Error in Language declaration
Is your website a global one? Then you might want to run a diagnostic test to ensure this error doesn’t exist. Especially in text-to-speech conversions.

5. Duplicated Content
Originality is key in every sphere of our lives. Imagine your website being missed every time in searches? Ensure your contents are real and void of imitation as Google now penalizes plagiarism and uphold the copyright law. Use Copyscape and Siteliner to crosscheck that all contents of your ecommerce website aren’t existing in some other sites.
These are but a few of the mistakes and errors that can reduce our ecommerce SEO. Stay on this blog posts for more ways of increasing your Search Engine Optimization.

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