There were robots in the Olympics?

Basketball is quite popular for break-time entertainment. During half-time in the USA vs. France game, a life-sized robot rolled in on wheels and took a shot from the free-throw line. The robot was said to have worn a basketball vest with the number 95, and apart from the wheels, moved exactly like a human basketballer.

Artificial Intelligence technology in robotics has progressed a lot,this was demonstrated in how perfectly the robot aimed.

AI helps coaches and competitors work out how to shave vital seconds off times, analyze athletes’ performances for tiny discrepancies, and find training methods to strengthen their chances of a top place.

Coaches recognize the value of injury prevention, and at the same time, the ability of AI technology to watch every second during training and recommend the small adjustments needed.

A set of people argue the Olympics is vulnerable to ‘technology doping,’ giving some countries an unfair advantage over less-funded teams. While another set might fear a dystopian future where robots compete against humans or even play on the same team.
Yet it’s clear for now, the use of technology in sports is increasing in all directions, so just like basketball robots, every athlete desires a perfect score.

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