How To Use Google Question Hub

Google created Google Question Hub in 2018 to help content marketers find unanswered questions in Google’s database. Question Hub was initially available in Nigeria, India, and Indonesia.

The United States received access to Question Hub in January of 2021, opening up significant opportunities for content marketers.

Google Question Hub Is and How It Works

Google Question Hub helps users identify and find the questions that lack answers in Google Search. To put it another way.
Google uses various methods to find unanswered questions. Since the questions are based on inquiry from real people, they may include misspellings or not so clear questions.

A user can search for a keyword and receive a list of 100 unanswered questions related to your inquiry.

How To Use Google Question Hub:
To use Google Question Hub, Have a Google account and a verified website on Google Search Console
Go to
Select Launch Google Question Hub
Select a Google account to continue
Click Add Questions
Search your keywords and topics
Click Add to save any topic to your Questions tab
Review and export your questions from the Questions tab

Google Question Hub provides marketers with valuable information. But it’s not exactly automatic. You need to discern the relevant questions to your audience and your business.

When you’ve selected the questions you want to answer, create content. You can create it in form of a video or article. Upon completion, submit it to Google Question Hub.

WordPress SEO Plugins To Use With Google Question Hub

To use Google Question Hub to improve your SEO, you need to do more than just submit answers.

Your results depends on other SEO factors, which includes:

Content quality
Keyword placement

WordPress users can make use of plugins to manage SEO.

You can use any of these:
Yoast SEO: Yoast can help you manage tags, metadata, and readability.
SEO 2020 by Squirrly: Improves the user-friendliness of your posts.
SEO Optimized Images: Improve page load speed and user experience with SEO Optimized Images.

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand. With the introduction of Question Hub by Google to the United States, marketers can now identify and take advantage of critical SEO opportunities.

In all these,it’s important to remember you need high-quality content and a fast, reliable website to generate the best results.

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