Application Server and Web Server

Understanding the definitions of different terms and how they relate to each other can be important to understanding how things work. You may come across these two terms in similar contexts, application server and web server.

Here’s difference between application servers and web servers:

Web Server
A web server is the technology that serves up a website to users when they visit a URL. On the technical side of things, web servers handles the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP). When a client queries the server (by visiting a URL or accessing the app), the web server does the work of processing that request and delivering up.

How Web Servers Are Used
People don’t usually have to think about what web servers are or how they work in order to browse the web, or even to run a website. Unless they are working with web servers as a job, the only time you have any reason to think about them is when you’re launching a website and you need to find website hosting.

The physical hardware that powers web servers is large and sensitive. It wouldn’t easily fit in your average three-bedroom home, and even most offices don’t have good facilities for managing a web server well.In addition to the space involved, web servers need the right kind of care. They must be stored in climate-controlled environments to avoid overheating. They need regular maintenance from skilled professionals to stay in working order. And for the web hosting they provide to stay secure from hackers, they need to be equipped with the proper firewalls and other security measures that keep the websites they power safe.

Application Server
Application server is the software server that both web applications and desktop applications run on.
Application servers host business logic,the code that provides the functionality needed to build and run dynamic content, an application server is essentially the software framework that allows programs and websites to create and serve up dynamic content. Application servers can also be used for other types of platforms and applications as well, particularly at the enterprise level.

Difference between Application Servers and Web Servers

Application servers and web servers provide similar functionality , yet the differences are worth being aware of.

Web servers process HTTP requests in order to display websites.While application servers have this ability as well, they go further and provide additional functionality. They work both with websites and with other types of programs.
Web servers serve static content while Application servers can enable additional functionality.

Relationship between Application Servers and Web Servers
They both serve as the middleware or bridge between the back systems that keep a website running and what the user sees when they access it. They also help translate the technical side of things into something web designers and everyday web users can interact with in a way that’s intuitive and helpful.

Though they’re both invisible to the vast majority of users, they help power the web we all depend on every single day.

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