5 Twitter Accounts Every Web Designer Should Follow

Content that are educational in nature is a thriving business in today’s economy. People are willing to pay a lot for professional insights, advice, and training.

Social media continues to grow. More influencers are emerging by the day,a lot of them offers creative, inspirational, and educational content.

If we are to talk about best platforms to be on, we would be talking about Twitter
This is a place to find expert insights, incredibly useful content, and the latest trends.

The interesting part is it’s 100% free to engage on Twitter, and you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and grow a few circle of friends.

Here are some top accounts on Twitter that every web designer should follow:

  1. Daisy Olsen (@DaisyOlsen)- Daisy Olsen works for Automattic professionally, she describes her role as a Developer Relations Wrangler on the WordPress Open Source project. She also calls herself a WordPress Enthusiast.

If you’re looking for insights on how to design a better WordPress website, you should consider following her.

Daisy tweets are all about:

Links to insights about how to work in WooCommerce
Information about events with experts discussing WordPress, e-commerce, and more
Announcements about opportunities to contribute block pattern designs to WordPress
Q&A about design and development.

  1. Khoi Vinh (@khoi)
    Kho Vinh is the the principal designer at Adobe, he also is the host of the Wireframe podcast, and runs his own successful blog(—Subtraction.com.)

Vinh’s Tweets:

Examples of outstanding graphic and packaging design to inspire you
Tips and tricks for Adobe XD
Links to the latest Wireframe podcast episodes
Job opportunities at Adobe (as an added bonus)

3.Charlene The Web Design Queen (@CharleneEBond)

Charlene, The Web Design Queen, is known for creating amazing designs to help other websites look good and make more sales.
Apart from being a stellar designer, she also helps in educating others on how to become better designers.

While you expect design tips from Charlene, she also shares insight on how to own your online presence through your website.

Charlene’s tweets:
Clubhouse discussion announcements on topics like WordPress and Amazon
Tips about how to build a quiz on WordPress
Info on what plugins to use for WordPress
Tips on how to build your email list

  1. Tammie Lister (@karmatosed)

Tammie Lister does design at Extendify and is a prolific artist. She is also a WordPress contributor and offers insight about open source to boot. Tammie is sure worth following.

Tammie tweets:
Guides to WordPress block templates in Gutenberg
Information about the WordPress pattern directory
Retweets about relevant WordPress updates
Tips about how to use the full site editor in WordPress

  1. HostGator (@HostGator)
    Hostgator is one of the leading web hosting companies, the team is obsessed with everything WordPress, content, web design, and development. They put in a lot of time and effort into tweeting about WordPress and web design.

HostGator tweets:

Web design and development jokes to keep things light and hilarious
Relevant questions to help engage the community
Tweets to longer blog posts about web design and web hosting
Web design mistakes you should avoid

  1. Smashing Magazine (@smashingmag)
    If you are interested in everything online design and development then Smashing Magazine is the perfect website and Twitter account to follow.

Tweets to expects:
Information on image optimization
Links to color tools and resources
Tips and tricks about web design and code
Tips about maintaining end-to-end quality.

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